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“...My baby enjoy being at daycare and is attached to Ms. Neal...She help my baby with learning how to write her name, read, and tie her shoes...Great Work Ms. Neal!"


“I am pleased to say that I made a great decision when I chose N.E.A.L's DAYCARE as my children care taker while I work...Ms. Neal is highly trained and very patient with my children...Thank You!"


"Thank you for taking such good care of my children. We Appreciate You!"


"Ms. Neal is a wonderful person to me and my children. She has patients with other children and she was very helpful with potty training my two year old. All my children just loves her and always very happy to see her. Thank You!


The level of service at N.E.A.L's DAYCARE is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the love, patients, and professionalism of Ms. Neal. Thank you!”


“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a good daycare you can trust. N.E.A.L's DAYCARE was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why. The quality of childcare I received is outstanding and my children really love being there. Keep up the good work!”


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