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Philosophy Statement

We believe that no group of children is the same despite their race, gender, or ability to learn. Each child in the daycare represents themselves as a unique individual that needs a nurturing and secure learning environment, in which they could develop the appropriate social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and independence skills needed to be a successful individual. As educators we dedicate ourselves to guide our students to explore their natural curiosities, and teach them to be respectful, caring, and active members of society.

In order to guide our children to be educated, noble citizens in society, we will teach them in a classroom like environment that consists of a caring, a safe, and an equitable atmosphere where each child can experience continual learning and growth. We believe that our children would learn to be respectful members of our daycare, as well as their community through positive discipline, group discussions, and exploration.

Children search for knowledge is met as they learn to find answers to their questions. Our curriculum will be developed with sensitive and supportive child-initiated activities that are developmentally age appropriate. We will provide them with experiences that would build upon what they already know and encourage them to learn through experimentation, exploration, and discovery while building self-control and a positive image. While promoting tolerance and respect for each others creation through unevaluated discoveries and activities, our children will learn creativity. The children would be actively involved in physical activities and play throughout the day by assimilating movement. We will implement appropriate accommodations for our special need children in an inclusive daycare environment, as well as stimulate opportunities that will support each child’s linguistic heritage and diverse culture.

As early childhood educators we will provide the children with a flexible schedule full-day or half-day based on their learning preferences and educational needs.

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