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About Us

N.E.A.L’s Daycare is a home based childcare program organized as a fundamental learning environment for children ages 0-12 years. Our staff members are trained early childhood educators with 5 or more years experience working with children. As early childhood educators we dedicate ourselves to be leaders and role models to your children and to teach them how to behave positively. We are here to teach and guide each child to learn the skills to manage their own behavior in a child-centered environment that offers freedom with safety, organized learning centers, exploration, choices and decision making, responsibility, and play of every kind. We teach the children by providing them with hands-on experiences and taking educational field trips. We supervise your children by interacting and facilitating with their play and learning time.


  • To ensure that all children are treated equally.
  • To provide the children with the opportunity to make decisions and learn self-help skills.
  • To ensure that all children are learning in a fun, safe, and secure environment.

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